Jardin Mystique 100ML Fragrance for women from Friedemodin

Jardin Mystique is a gathering introduced in 2012 and it incorporates three scents exemplifying Nina and Elisabeth’s sensibility and styles, made to emphasize freshness, good faith and excellence of greenery, herbs, flavors and fragile blossoms. Fragrances of the gathering are named Jardin Mystique from Friedemodin, Rosee de Nuit and Vertine. They are accessible in glass flacons, as 30 and 100ml EDP, and also in a wonderful set with each of the three flacons, containing 30 ml scents are set like on a position of authority.

The primary aroma of the gathering is Jardin Mystique Friedemodin for women. The entire gathering was named after it. Its structure is flower and green, with wealth of currant buds, bergamot and green, naturally cut grass. The heart of the aroma wins you over with a flower bundle of jasmine total and lily of the valley, revived with squashed green leaves, while the base closes with patchouli and valuable wood.


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