Buy Vertine 100ML Fragrance From Friedemodin

With a common energy for making treasurable and reminiscent encounters, Vertine 100ML Friedemodin’s fragrance go flawlessly supplements our Heritage gathering and we are charmed to prescribe this restrictive accumulation to you.

Containing four great aromas that can be worn alone or together to make the ideal concordance, this gathering is accessible to buy as a major aspect of an extravagance accumulation set, alongside coordinating 100ml jugs.

Friedemodin is an extravagance fragrance house situated in London. Established by Nina Friede and Elisabeth Modin, the brand was conceived in a bistro in Chelsea after the match were motivated by a botanical bundle at a bloom shop nearby. Each scent gathering recounts a story: every one exceptionally diverse and open to your own particular understanding. Every fragrance resemble a section in a book, assuming its own particular cameo part inside the story. These one of a kind aromas are expertly made to be appreciated both alone and when layered together, to make your own particular one of a kind fragrance story.


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